Wyatt Wayne turns Two


Wyatt turned two on Monday and Kyle was actually in Kansas that week for a training so he wasn’t even here. He wore his tractor shirt to daycare which made him all excited and he brought Scooby-Doo snacks as a treat. It sounds like they sang to him and he got a flashlight and construction light up book from Crystal and he’s obsessed with pointing out all the machines in it. We stopped at the bakery to get cookies on the way home from daycare and Grandma,Nana,Papa, and Mo  came over for presents. They dominated because mom and dad didn’t really have anything for him on his actual birthday. Nana/Papa got him a semi which he was thrilled about and grandma carol got him a huge coloring book and toddler crayons along with a book for church. We are KFC and he ate the whole thing!



Picking out a cookie on his birthday
Crystal had this sweet picture on her story

We’re crazy and in the middle of the holidays decided to throw Wyatt a little party for his 2nd birthday, but I just couldn’t help myself and my love for hosting parties!



We did take it pretty simple and just did ham buns and beef burgers with yummy beans and the grandma’s bringing sides. I then made a tractor cake and cupcakes. Pretty simple food and just a few decorations of pictures of Wyatt on the cabinets, a banner, and two balloon and called it good.




Wyatt soaked up every minute (I say that every birthday) of the attention being on him and loved having his favorite people there.




He got his first train set, a tool set, a percussion set, Tonka truck, and a strider bike from us.



We just had the lunch after church and no one stayed too long which was nice so we could all get naps in. Just a good ole little birthday party but we had so much fun! Happy Birthday Wyatt Wayne!

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