Wyatt – Two Years Old


How do we have a two year old!? We just absolutely adore you Wyatt Wayne and the joy and love you exuberate every single day. You are just the happiest boy who has so much excitement for life and me and your dad are so incredibly blessed to have you in our life. I could go on and on about you for days but here is just a small glimpse at what life is like with you at age 2:

Wake up every morning around 6:30-7 sometimes earlier sometimes later, but you wake up every morning and yell “HEY!!!!” or “MAMA!!!” we just chuckle every time because we know you are ready to start your day! You sleep with you blankies and a paci, we have a pillow in the crib but you don’t use it and are all over the crib all night long.

Breakfast is your favorite meal of the day and you can usually put down a good amount. Some favorites are waffles, cinnamon toast, bananas, granola bars, eggs, banana bread, muffins or bowl of cereal.

You love to line up your trucks/cars. sometimes even by color, you have a little OCD 🙂 You love your skid loader, semi, and pretty much anything that is farm machinery. You play so contently by yourself and are always up to something, you never need anyone to play with you which is so nice. You like to play with your trucks in mom and dads bed. You love playing with big kids and when they give you attention you eat it up the whole time.

Love Aunt Momo, Nana, and Papa, and Great Grandma Fopma. You love going and seeing them all on Wednesdays and when they come play with you. Wyatt loves everything about Daddy. Daddy is now in investigation and home a lot more and Wyatt is very attached to him so whenever he leaves he asks about dada. Dad loves doing everything with you and bringing you along with him.

You LOVE Sarge so so much you hug him multiple times a day and lay by him. You love filling up his food bowls and being right by him while he is eating which he doesn’t appreciate. You love to taunt him with treats and make him sit and sit with him. You love to tease him with his tennis ball and throw it for him and then run away

You want to play in all of Duke’s exersaucers/walkers and sit in them for long periods of time. When Dukes laying on the ground you want to be right next to him. You like holding Duke every once in awhile and especially if another kid wants to hold im. You are great help for mom getting Duke diapers and throwing dirty ones in the trash

You love the farm and want to go with dad whenever he asks. We have to check out the barn, tractors, semis, fork lift, combine, see Jasper, everything! You want to see everything. If we drive past to the land you get so upset that we didn’t stop. You like to watch Moana, HSM3, Dinotrucks, Baby Bum, Cars 3, Baby Shark, and watch tractor videos on our phone. We try to restrict the amount you watch, but in winter it is just tough. when we have a big yard it shouldn’t be an issue!

Your dance moves are hilarious and we just love to play your favorite songs(What a Friend we have in Jesus by Matt Maher and Simple by FGL)  and see you go to town. You  are big in the stomping, clapping, raising the roof, soccer slide(our personal favorite) bobbing  the head and swaying the body.

You are learning your colors and starting to be able to tell the difference, our favorite for you to say is yellow. You can count really well to 10 and do it on your own without being prompted when counting cars or things in books. You love when we sing Jesus Loves me to you and you usually hit the big words with us. You love to fold your hands and close your eyes and pray with us and say Amen. You love love church nursery and have never once got a bad report, everyone loves you in there.

You are our little fishy. You love love bath time and spend tons of time in there if we let you. you are quite the splasher which makes dad upset, but you love water. you were huge on the pool all summer and a total water bug there. we went to a pool about a month ago and you were all about it! Makes me so ready for summer already!

This is different from 1 year old, but you are one good sleeper! you sleep 7:30-6:30ish every night sometimes longer sometimes not.  You are down to one long nap a day that starts anywhere from 11 AM – 1PM and is usually 2.5-3 hours long. Mom can’t complain one bit! We have a pillow in the bed that you could care less about

We had a doctors appt and you were 34 inches tall which was 39%, 27 lbs and 4 ounces which was 42% and double your percentage of 1 year old which is awesome! And a big noggin like your brother at 20″ which is 94 %. Wearing size 18-24 months for everything. 18 months is too small but 2T is too big so we are right in the middle there.

I’ll probably regret this but truly is a well behaved boy, excellent listener, and just a pure joy to have as a son. Bring on the Terrible Two’s Wyatt Wayne, we love you SO much! Had to write down random tidbits of what you are like at this point in time.

Man when I see these pictures I can’t even believe how small you started at the beginning of year one and how fast this year went:



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