Best of 2018

Best of Reads-

  • Cold Tangerines
  • Black Heels and tractor wheels
  • The Magnolia Story
  • Stretched too Thin

Best of Music –

  • What a friend – Matt Maher
  • Rescue – Lauren Diagle
  • Rebel Heart – Lauren Diagle

Best Websites/Blogs-

  • Coffee + Crumbs
  • The Massey Spot
  • Camp Patton

Best Podcasts –

Best Articles-

Best of Movies/Shows – (these are like legitimately the only movies/shows I saw this year so they all made the list)

  • The Greatest Showman
  • Incredibles 2
  • Blue Bloods

Best of Recipes –

  • Outback cookie skillet – This was no joke the yummiest/richest dessert I’ve ever had!
  • JoAnna Gaines chocolate chip cookies – I make them with white chips but SO dang good (probably because they are made with brown sugar)
  • Kristin Boender’s Brownies
  • Dutch Peach Pie
  • Salsa Chicken

Best Moments –

  • Tulip Time – we had such a great weekend with great weather enjoying the parades. Wyatt was such a hoot and we have so many picture to treasure for a very long time!
  • Omaha Zoo – we had a very hot day but it was a blast seeing all the animals and playing at the splashpad with Wyatt’s cousins Molly, Hazel, and Maggie
  • Duke’s Birth – another amazing and special experience that got us our son
  • buying 5 acres of land and planning our future home
  •  Any time we went to the swimming pool with Wyatt
  • Autumn Acres with the boys and daycare
  • State Fair and just watching Wyatt enjoy every bit of it
  • Duke sleeping through the night one night
  • bringing up the Christmas tree and Wyatt shouting “tree!” and then when I plugged it in “lights!” and the joy and excitement on his face
  • Huge snowstorm on 11-25-18 leaving us with 15+ inches and Wyatt’s face when we put him in the snow that came up to his waist
  • Watching Wyatt love every second of Christmas and his birthday celebrations


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