2019 Goals

I love putting these goals into blog posts so I have them to look back on in the years to come. I am excited to see how goals come along through the years and if there is ones I am successful in! 2019 is slated to be a BIG year, here are a few of the hopes and dreams for the year:


This deserved capital letters. We’ve been dreaming about this since before we got engaged and it is happening this year! We are building it on our own and know it will be stressful, so praying for lots of patience and grace this year. Thank you Lord for giving us this opportunity! We know it won’t be an easy task, but we are excited to see how we grow as a family!

2. Closer to the Lord

I got a new devotional for reading the Psalms I am SO excited to start on, and the book Women of the Word which is helpful on how to read the Bible and want to use them regularly to dive into God’s word. I get too distracted by medias and other tasks and don’t take enough time with what actually matters.

3. Eat healthier

I feel like we actually don’t struggle usually with eating crappy food because we don’t go out to eat very often. But want to work on making ALL of our foods and snacks and choosing a little healthier options. And I’ve noticed I will emotionally eat when I am stressed so this is in here to remind me of that during a stressful year.


I am afraid this will always be on here because it is just a real problem these days. Want to be intentional about me and Kyle putting our phones away and enjoying our kiddos! Attempting to help by setting timers and reminders on my phone.

5. Organized/Prepared

I don’t even know how to word that I just want to feel like we are on top of things in life and not always treading water. For our sanity and to enjoy life more, just prepare for the week, have good systems, clean up my life! Hoping to get things organized right out of the gate for 2019 so that when we are building a house I don’t have all of these other things to worry/stress about.

6. More Reading/Hobbies/Projects Done

This goes along with being on the phone left, but have the energy to do the hobbies I want to do! I want to spend more time reading/listening to books. Finish scrapbooks. Print/Organize Pictures. Do crafts. Make new recipes. Dream up ideas for the future. Anything I want to try! Want to stope wasting time being “tired and zoning out” and use the time I’ve given to do this. I know I won’t have a ton of extra time with building the house but I want to fit these things into the fringe hours.

7. Run Races/Get moving

I don’t want to say work out, because I just don’t feel like we are in a place in life to do a workout 5 day a week. We are in the thick of babies that need a lot of our attention. But I want to get into running for my health ( and to run Sarge’s energy off). And just want to be active in playing outside with the kids, walking, doing workouts every once in a while, lift weights. I don’t want it scheduled, but I want to be able to do it and take care of my body.

My word of the Year is going to be Trust. Trust God. Trust His plan for our life. Trust the building process. Trust Kyle. Trust that I can change. Trust that this year will play out exactly how it is supposed to. TRUST!

Bring on 2019!




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