Things I’ve learned in 2018

I just wanted to quick jot down a few things on my mind that I learned this year and need to remind my future self. It was a humbling year to say the least!

  • If someone offers help, take it – I am notorious for just doing everything on my own and hate asking for help. Two babies and a husband who isn’t there a lot has put me in my place. I’m always a hot mess rolling in to church trying to get me and the two boys where they need to be. I always think I will just do it on my own but nearly every week someone sees me struggling and gladly helps. I can’t thank our church family enough! It’s hard for me to ask for help, but when it’s offered to me I am becoming very gracious and say yes.
  • Two kiddos 19 months apart is no joke – no matter how much of a great mom I thought I was with Wyatt, having two close in age put me in my place quickly. it is no joke having a newborn and a young toddler that needs help with everything. getting out of the house with two by myself was no joke. even the mornings, at the beginning would take me 1.5 hours minimum which is a lot of this pick up and leave type of gal.
  • Building/planning a house yourself is no joke – we’ve had a long year of trying to get everything ready to go for next year breaking ground on our house. there is a ton of decisions to make, a lot of research to be done, and just a lot of talking with your partner about what you want for your forever home.
  • Life doesn’t go as planned! Between a rougher pregnancy, issues with the house/land I learned how I don’t always get what I want when I want and sometimes you just need to sit down and relax and not try to do it all in one year. My busy self had to sit and take it easy with this pregnancy and that taught me a lot about how yo don’t always half to be moving forward

Just a few things I wanted written down because you don’t usually see the hard things that happened during the year just the happy and smiling faces. It wasn’t like that all year long!

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