Building Our Forever Home – Part 1 – 2018

I can’t believe we are to this point… I think!

We’ve been dreaming and talking about this since before we were even engaged. Kyle had some family land he always wanted to build on and I was hooked after seeing how gorgeous it was. Here we are, 4 years later, after lots of ups and downs and unsure if it was going to happen or not and it is time.

It isn’t even really about the house for us, it is about living out in the country where Sarge our German Shepherd is free to run, where I can have a big garden and fruit trees, where the kids can run and play and enjoy the country, and where Kyle can live in the place he grew up in. We’ve been dreaming and dying for this, heck we could live in a cardboard box just to be out here.

I want to write down the whole process as something to look back on to remember how it all went.


We finally got the land situation figured out with Kyle’s mom and ended up buying 5.55 acres on July 9. We had to buy the land before going to the bank for the loan because with the amount of acres, it got messy and couldn’t be in with the rest of the construction loan which wasn’t a problem for us at all. We also were able to put the land towards equity for the loan.

Kyle ended up drawing our blueprints because we found a house plan we liked but we wanted to make some changes. So he spent many nights getting the perfect plan together.

We then went in to Malcom Lumber and got some plans figured out with Jeff and Laurie and had to make a lot of decisions

Picture from the day we bought the land


Me and the boys paid for the building permit at Secondary Roads on Sept 21

We got the numbers back and worked on getting all the budget numbers together and went to the bank to officially apply for the Construction loan on September 25.

We also purchased some trail cams more for the future when we will have tools/materials out there and don’t want people stealing it, but right now we are enjoying getting those figured out and seeing all the deer and turkey on our ground 🙂

We spend a lot of nights after the boys have gone to bed just looking up ideas, and tossing them at each other.

We bought some stakes nicer stakes from a coworker and we started measuring the house with those Friday 11-2-18.

It was pretty quiet when it came to house planning for the end of the year, mainly because I wanted to enjoy December with the boys with Wyatt’s Birthday and Christmas. And I just needed some time to decompress on it and plan to go guns blazing in 2019 to getting this house built! We are about to dive in!

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