Christmas – 2018

2018 Christmas Tree-scape

7EB40A2E-7136-49A9-A8E2-A7FAA03258ECAC15195B-E0E3-4B2A-BCE3-B275DD2E0ECF2AF842D3-5E17-48A9-A0BB-80104915FD07D849A1A2-6587-422B-938C-44E00D78251027993E75-E1D9-4D17-B9AD-DE6FE0B2A5488007E309-5349-4825-BA9F-EE00F91F2880With so much anticipation, the Christmas season has already slipped right by and it does every year. We sure had a great one with Wyatt understanding how to open presents and understanding what he was getting.

22nd – De Ronde Christmas

We had such a great time playing games and Wyatt getting to play with all his big cousins! Duke got a Jolly Jumper from grandma which we were pumped about and he LOVES he also go an outfit and bath toys and first ornament from Heather. Wyatt got a semi and barn from grandma and a helmet from Courtney. I got Pioneer Woman cookbooks, some other books I wanted, a chambray shirt and black leggings from Carol and Georgina. Kyle got a tie from Heather and money for Menards!

We played Pictonary Telephone, a 5 second game, and the classic suran wrap ball game.

24th – Our Little Family

Kyle worked and I struggled with a bad headache all day, but we did open stocking stuffers when Kyle got home. Sargy was definitely the most pumped and spoiled with treats and toys. Fun to get them small little things that we will use and just a small way to get Kyle things that he needs/enjoys.



25th – Fopma

We went to church Christmas morning and then headed to Pella for Christmas with the Fopma’s. We had a great day eating dinner, opening presents, playing football outside ( GREAT weather on Christmas day) and playing lots of games. Kyle got money for Menards again and a Nike sweatshirt, I got lots of athletic pants, Wyatt got Legos & construction vehicles, and I’m not even sure what Duke got (whoops, 2nd child problems!)





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