Duke – 6 Months

Can’t believe this little baby is already been here for half a year. It’s so sweet and so sad as every milestone is. You’ve changed SO much this month and we are loving every minute(except maybe the lost sleep minutes 😉 ) You had your first Christmas and did really well at the beginning or the parties but you were really worn out by the end of them. You were craving some form of schedule by the end of it.

Sleep: Oh Duke Mitchell, we never know what you’re gunna do! Some nights you are only up once some nights I am up all night with you. Sometimes you’re ready for the day by 6 sometimes you sleep in til 7. Still in the rock n play. going to change you to the pack n play SOON. Nap wise you are doing pretty well tho! For nana and Crystal you usually give them one 3 hour nap in the morning or afternoon and then no nap the other. for us you nap on our bed and usually give me two 1.5 hour naps give or take. We can’t complain about your napping!!

Eat: You’re a monster. Absolute monster. We are just so shocked at how bad you want food and how much you eat. We had to force Wyatt to eat at like 7 months and you are begging for it since 5 months. You eat and are starving all day long. You also refused formula for the whole month until the end a switch went off and you finally like it so we are supplementing a bottle some days. You will eat whatever we feed you and you have no chill. You try to steal the spoon and open your mouth SO big so we don’t miss. You love everything we give you and don’t have a reflux to baby food but still sometimes have it present when eating puffs, yogurt, solids. We’re gunna lose a lot of money on you over the years!

Development: You’re sitting! Still a little topsy (blaming the big head) but you sit extremely well on our laps and are getting the hang of sitting on the floor. Love to touch your toes and put them in your mouth. Obsessed with your jolly jumper and can sit in there for an hour at a time just jumping away and so happy. can put weight on your legs and walk around with us guiding/holding you up

You are quite the squealer and have turned it to such a content happy baby with so many smiles and laughs to give. you can still get mad but you also throw out the giggles way faster than any other baby. I can tell you are getting the itch to get moving and stealing Wyatt’s toys and keeping up with him so it could be a long month or two until you get that figured out.


Stats: I’ll have to put them in after your appt which is in two weeks

Wearing size 6 months clothes and barely fit in them already! Size 3 diapers at night and using up the last of the size 2s




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