Duke 7 Months

Duke! What a stinkin fun month we have had with you learning SO much! You are so incredibly loved and just a joy to have in our family! So many smiles and giggles this month, you have turned in to the happiest guy and laugh about anything and everything. You love to laugh at your brother and dad, interested in grabbing at your puppy now, and love to put on a show for others just like your older brother.

Sleep: I feel like we might be getting to a decently sweet spot with this. You are usually just waking up once at 1:30 and then wanting to be up for the day at 5-6. This doesn’t make your sleep loving mom super happy but we will keep working on it. You are taking great naps in Wyatt’s crib so we are going to try to find a situation where we can put up the second crib so that maybe you will start sleeping better. Usually taking two long naps of 1.5-2 hours. Ended up moving the crib into mom and dads room at the end of the month.

Eat:  Kid can you eat! You eat absolutely everything we give you and can never get enough. Still nurse very well but get a tad distracted. Started supplementing 1 bottle a day since you were only 10% and trying to meat you up! Which has been working because you gained a pound in two weeks! You love eggs, blueberries, crackers, baby food, really there is nothing you won’t eat. You never gag or chock either. You are able to grab food and get it to your mouth now so that makes it easy on mom and dad!

Development: sitting up very well, every once in a while you’ll fall over but that’s usually because you are reaching for something or you just woke up and aren’t with it yet.We are able to prop you up on arms now, no crawling position yet. You are always screeching and talking away.

You like to pat pat pat your hands and are always waving them all over the place. While you are in your high chair for meals you are always trying to steal your brothers toys and food off his tray. Just at the end of the month got separation anxiety when we leave the room. STILL not a fan of car rides without a paci, and the car has to be moving or you let us know. Love to put weight on your legs and standing against things, and by the end of the month could do so without us supporting you.

Went to PT for torticollis but she wasn’t worried because you had great range and were so strong and said it would probably work itself out. You totally turned on the De Ronde charm there and did everything she asked of you flawlessly!


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