Duke – 8 Months

Duke De Ronde!! This month seemed like a long one but man are you learning things quick! You are first of all just so much more content which I can’t be more thankful for, it is going to be such a fun summer with all we have going on.

Eat – you are still my eater! jeez you will eat anything and everything and can never have enough. you totally threw me through a loop though and could care less about nursing anymore which is SO sad because I had my hopes on making it to a year with you. But with you not wanting to do it and me not having an amazing supply at this point I think I am just going to have to let it go and enjoy the freedom on not nursing. I always hate when it ends tho. You take formula great now and are usually eating a 7 ounce bottle before bed and 5 ounce bottles the rest of the day.

Sleep – Yikes has this one fell back down to the not good side. You aren’t taking bottles/nursing during the day so you like to eat at 7 sometimes 11, 2ish, and 5….and I am tired!! Mom is ready for you to sleep longer stretches again and you are in our bedroom now so we can’t really ignore the crying. Your nap schedule seems to be a little off too but usually getting 2 and least 1 hour naps out of  you a day. hopefully we can get those really nailed down even though I doubt it with all we have going on this spring/summer

Development –  You are trying to get around. not crawling yet but scooting and rolling to get where you need to be. You want to be standing all the time. Lots and lots of babbling and patting, very good at picking up food and toys. You are pretty attached to mom and don’t like to be left behind, not really a fan of the farm and just chilling in the shop, but love riding in the cart at the grocery store

We went to PT this month for Torticollis because you tilt your head to the left side a bit. she says you have great range and doesn’t think it is a big issue. We’ve been doing some exercises to help with movement but I do think it is slowly getting better and I don’t notice the tilt as much.


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