Building our Forever Home – Part 2- March 2019


We really enjoyed December and the holidays with our boys and said Jan 1 we would get our act together. And we have definitely stood by that!

We’ve been beyond busy this January looking at 8,947 light fixtures, picking flooring, signing our lives away at the bank, getting things to the assessor, making sure concrete and water have us on their schedule. You name it, we’ve been doing it.

Kyle got the shop all cleaned up on 2-23 and started working on our table for the house. He used boards he had found on the farm that had a lot of character to them.

What a busy month it has been! We closed on the loan on March 6 and then Kyle had a week long work trip. When I got home from that he went and got wood at Malcom and started working. Here is the month in timeline form with pictures:

  • March 6: loan closed able to start!
  • March 16: Picked up lumber


  • March 18: Window headers made


  • March 19: Skid loader bought


  • March 23: Driveway started, wall built


  • March 25: more 2nd floor wall building


  • March 27: driveway finished and sitework started


  • March 28: dirt moved around, started pad
  • March 29: finished whole, dirtwork done


March you were a fun one, I think it will only get better from here!!!


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