Shrimp Pasta

I love love cooking, dishes on the other hand… I suck at. So I love to make my family good meals but sometimes I hold back because I know it will create a lot of dishes I don’t want to do and will annoy my husband. I have recently started buying cookbooks. Pioneer Woman and Magnolia and I am loving making my way through new recipes. I am also the queen of throwing together when I have and hoping it works. And it did this weekend!

I have always been big into shrimp and love it with pasta. One night I just decided to whip this up because I had some spinach to use. I was a little nervous about my husband not loving it, but if I put cheese and noodles in a dish he’ll eat anything 😉

I didn’t really measure anything just used what looked right but here is what I did:







Heavy Whipping Cream


Dry Ranch Packet


Started the shrimp in a skillet with oil/butter and ranch season, got them sauteeing. While that was happening I cooked so angel hair spaghetti and I would say this dish is best with a skinny type of pasta.

When the shrimp were well warmed up(I always buy the already cooked shrimp) I threw in a big helping of spinach and kept it moving around. I then threw in some heavy whipping cream and Colby jack shredded cheese and kept it stirring. and then finally added the noodles.

So so good, and make leftovers I love it just as much the next day if not more!


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