Duke – 9 months

Duke the weather is changing and so are you! We are loving how more independent you are becoming and all that you are learning, I have a feeling this will be a great summer with you learning so much and loving every bit of the summer

Sleep – man we have got to figure sleep out, because your mom is just done with not sleeping. You have good days sprinkled between really bad days. You always want to eat bottles all night because you don’t want them during the day. you are a great napper and are taking even better ones the nicer the weather gets and how busy you are.

Cognitive: you now wave bye bye , kind of say hi, stand for very long periods of time. you do a weird hybrid scoot, army crawl and roll but don’t officially crawl. Having some separation anxiety lately, are a big mama’s boy, and starting to love the outdoors. Love to watch cars/semis/motorcycles go by just like your brother!

Food: you still eat absolutely everything. steal food out of our hands, take it off your brother’s tray, you can not get enough. Still no teeth tho yet you find a way to eat absolutely everything. Your brother liked specific things but you truly will eat anything. Not a food you don’t like! Eating a lot of toast, eggs, cottage cheese, blueberries, crackers, and snacky foods though. No more baby food and just started to take water out of a bottle.

Stats: You are wearing size 4 diapers because man do you pee a lot! You are growing out of 6 month stuff and are mainly in 6-9 months and 9 month clothes. Your head is still in the 99% but not making huge leaps and staying on the curve so that is good, you are 59% for height at 28 1/2″ and have just the longest legs, weight is 18 lbs which is only 12% but the amount you eat we know it is because you have a fast metabolism like the rest of your family. You have long skinny feet, hair is coming in a lot faster and darker than your brothers. You have the most killer smile and we love you SO much!


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