Building our forever Home – Part 3 – April 2019


if I am honest April was a lot slower than I wished it would be. with how good the weather ended up being I just felt like things ran really slow, but it was a good dose of patience and this process is going to go this way even when the circumstances are excellent.

  • April 1: Marty did some finish backhoe work06F3B399-FAEB-4EDC-B3E9-AB15F6593B11
  • April 2: Kyle met with Mid American Energy & Mahaska Rural Water, finished up upstairs walls5BB564FD-AB8D-4309-96BE-86462F41F2D6
  • April 4: hole officially done
  • 592C4F38-0EF4-4F37-94C7-13E02BE98EB7
  • 78A80BA5-FE3B-463E-AAD8-C5D879AC23A3
  • April 5: Kyle got a second load of rock for the driveway, Jack and Tayler came and checked it out
  • B2144483-8324-4D9A-AA0E-D8D09EDEDD48
  • April 6: Kyle worked on walls, concrete guy brought his trailer out and roped out the house
  • 638534BE-209D-4561-8E18-5C3EAED1A748
  • April 9:First of the footings was poured for house and garage
  • 5864F28B-15C6-43FA-89A0-0283437F3204
  • April 10: Wayday sale on bought lots of house stuff
  • 371071C7-3826-4985-A141-9BC52D2F2E49
  • April 11: Kyle continued to work on walls
  • 3ACF9661-9F22-4905-87CB-00A2D2B75D76
  • April 17: Concrete guy finished up footings
  • April 20: wall forms showed up
  • April 22: Wall forms places
  • April 23: walls poured!
  • April 26: 911 address sign was up, bought mailbox
  • April 29: got lots of rain, kyle worked on a wall in the shop

Hopefully May is pretty dry and Kyle is able to make some serious progress while off work!


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