Tulip Time 2019

Another great Tulip Time is in the books and man did we live it up to the fullest. We ended up marching in the baby parade all three afternoon parades and went to the Friday evening parade. The boys had their moments ( understandably) but they were so great and we just have a blast and got to spend so much time with family and friends. I just love getting all dressed up and enjoying moments like this and seeing how much the kids change each year! Not to mention the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Thursday we marched with our usual crew of Katie, Emily, and Anna with their kids.  It was a perfect day with no wind and no sun and was not too hot. the boys did great and wyatt stood in his stroller and said hi and waved at everyone.


Friday didn’t go as hot as Thursday and I tried to take the wagon which was a big mistake. Duke kept trying to stand up and Wyatt kept trying to escape. it wasn’t good but we walked with Ashley and Bennett and saw Laurie (Emily Leahy’s mom) and it was so great to see her. We had a lot of fun but definitely a more stressful day.


Friday night we went to Tulip Time with just Wyatt and left Duke at home with Nana, it was nice to just have him to worry about and we got food from the PC stand and got some poffertjes. Wyatt loved the parade and loved the police cars, tractors, bands and fire trucks. When we were walking home there was fireworks which Wyatt loved.


Saturday we walked with Nana, Maddie, and Brynleigh and it was a gorgeous sunny day and wasn’t too hot. Brought the stroller back out and the boys did great, no waving or hi’s today but I will take them just being good in their stroller. We ended up watching the parade after marching with Nana and the boys loved the bands.


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