Duke – 10 months

Duke! WHAT A MONTH! wow you have changed this month and it has been SO fun. Can’t even keep it all straight!

Sleep: SLEEP! you slept through the night a week straight!!! sleep has been SO much better and I am so thankful and feel so much more like a real person. it is wonderful you wake up so happy and we are definitely going to keep striving for through the night sleeping. you also nap SO well. Sometimes for me they seem short but you are still taking two a day I need to remember and you take good ones for my mom and Crystal so that is awesome

TEETH! We went from zero teeth to three within a week. we had NO idea they were coming until Nana put her finger in your mouth May 1 and there was TWO bottom teeth popping through, and three days later I found a top tooth! you are the easiest teething baby ever and had no ear infections, no extra fussing, you actually had started sleeping through the night, so drooling or toys. we couldn’t believe it

CRAWLING! you finally took off April 30. we kept wondering when you’d get it figured out because you had been doing some army crawl, roll scoot thing but you figured crawling out and you were off. You also started pulling yourself up on everything too. It was a busy few days!

Eating: yup you are still an absolute monster and I spend half my day keeping you fed! You love and will eat everything and the teeth will sure help you out I am sure!

You also are getting SO good about playing by yourself and playing with your brother. it is so fun to see you just playing so nicely and crawling to all the trucks and semis and moving them back and forth. You are clapping, waving hi, lots of screeching and copying noises we make, you sign more (because you want food ALL the time). Also you and Wyatt peacefully play on the floor sometimes with the trucks and semis and it is SO cute and you are so interested in turning the vehicles upside down and playing with the wheels. You have the best giggle and you give them so freely to us, especially your dad! your smile is SO cute and it melts my heart every time.

You have been so much happier too since you are on the move. you seem so much more interested in what is going on around you. you are interested in the cars and farm equipment that is moving. you are a tad more content to sit and let mom get stuff done

Wearing size 4 diapers and 9 month clothes, size 4 mammoth feet. we are SO ready for summer with you and know you are going to love it and change so much through the summer!


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