Building our forever home – Part 4 – May 2019


Rain , lots of rain the WHOLE month so nothing happened except the wall forms getting taken out. Its been really frustrating and we are now WAY behind where we thought we would be at this point, but we both agree that the peace and patience from God have been covering us and we know that it will get done at some point and there is no need to get upset over things we have no control over. we still have our moments of being annoyed, but we’ve been patient this long, whats a few more months.

May 4: Kyle finished the bedroom wall and is done with walls in the shop

May 10: Kyle did some caulking concrete holes

May 11: Unfortunately rained but Kyle got the mailbox made

May 13: Kyle took off the morning to do some black waterproofing to the foundation. concrete guy brought a load of rocks

We’ve got probably 6 inches of rain in a week with more in the forcast so nothing is happening. it is frustrating and testing our patience but I truly am surprised how chill we’ve both been about nothing moving. We know it’s all in God’s timing and that this is exactly according to his plan, so no matter how frustrating it is, we know everything will get done exactly when it is supposed to.

May 18: Working on the table since there is nothing else we can do, also got a call from Jeff and got lots of house switches cleared up AND beyond pumped to hear that they now make black interior windows so I don’t have to paint every window myself. Hallelujah!

May 22: concrete guys worked on more rough ins.

May 27: we have got so much rain and the house floor is basically underwater

May 31: Kyle siphoned the water out of the hole with a garden hose and we have a few sunny days without rain so we are praying praying praying the concrete guys get the floor finished.

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