Our Garden Year 2 – Planting

Kyle bought himself a skid loader and you can bet it was required then that he make me a darn good garden with that.

We got the tiller 4.6.19 and tilled up the garden from last year and then we also tilled up the grass right next to it to double the garden in size. Wyatt helped mom in the garden and Kyle brought the chisel to go over the dirt once and then I went over it agin with the tiller.

Wyatt and I sent to Stam’s and got all of our seeds so we would be ready. I got the itch and had to plant a few things and ended up planting two potato hills, 1/3 row of carrots, and 1/3 row of spinach.

April 17: Kyle planted the two apple trees and peach tree that survived the winter!!

April 19: Papa came and helped plant the potatoes, onions, carrots, spinach, lettuce, and broccoli

April 24: tilled garden again and planted beans and sweet peas

May 3: planted more beans and spinach

May 13: got 3 peppers planted & pumpkins

We have received SO much rain that I am afraid I am going to have to replant stuff because it is going to rot or die from all the water. No beans came up that I had planted so those will have to be redone. I think all the tomatoes will have to be replanted

Planted 6 pepper plants in our front landscaping May 31. also have 4 tomato plants in big pots on the side of the house and a broccoli plant

Of course the tiller isn’t working but hoping to till the garden and get beans in…again.

June 4: Planted 4 rows of beans, two rows of snap peas, one row of zucchini, two rows of onion

Here’s to the second year and hoping we get a decent crop after a rough start! And not looking at where my crops were at this time last year… it’s depressing 😉


Planted for 2019:

2 row of spinach – never came up

1 row of lettuce –  came up

1 row of carrots – half came up

2 rows of onions –  first time drowned

1 row sugar snap peas – came up but died from too much water

3 rows of beans –  none made it the first round

6 broccoli plants –  died from too much water

6 pepper plants – planted in landscaping

12 potato hills – lost all to the water and rotting

11 tomato plants –

1 row zucchini

3 pumpkins hills

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