Duke – 11 months

Ahhh we are already a month away from you being one. I blinked and another baby grew up! and man are you far from the baby we brought home from the hospital

Sleep: you sleep through the night and its just wonderful! I am so thankful. you usually wake up anywhere from 6 to 6:45 and if mom gets to sleep in 5:45 šŸ˜‰ you are usually ready for a nap within 2 hours after walking and take a 1.5 hour one. you then take your second when Wyatt goes down and that one ranges from 1-3 hours depending on the day

Eat: you eat absolutely everything in site and try to eat off your brothers tray before yours. Still isn’t much you wont eat and we are gunna go broke feeding you and you are eating pieces of pizza and waffle by yourself. those teeth sur are working too and you are able to break apart bites. Drink water out of a bottle and figured out how to drink water out of your brothers sippy.

Play: love to look out the window and stand and walk on furniture. Very good at playing by yourself and love all the trucks and semis, love to stand and try to do what your brother was doing, and move things across the room. love to be in the buggie at the new house and driving it. love to drive our vehicles

Definitely a scaredy cat and when dad lifts you in the air you hang on for dear life, love to laugh and scream out of excitement. think your brother is the funniest thing ever and a very ticklish little boy on your ribs! wild wiggle worm and hard to hold on to these days! You wave, kinda say mama and dada, sign more. You’ve been alittle cranky cutting lots of teeth 5th one popped through. Favorite place to play is in the fridge and whenever I open it you crawl over as fast as you can and stand up to beat on the shelves. You also love playing in the bathtub and trying to stand in there! You are loving summer not always so sure about the cold pool.

My all time favorite is you playing so well with your big brother and it melts my heart.




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