Wyatt – 2.5 Years

I feel like I really should keep up all the changes that you make now but there is one way Id be able to remember everything! you are something else! SO much personality, SO sweet, we are just so blessed with you as a son. Here are some highlights/favorites of ours:

  • your love for EVERYTHING semis, tractors, dump trucks & skid loaders. If you see or hear them anywhere you freak out and are telling everyone!
  • your love for the farm is crazy you ask to go out there ALL the time and you are not a fan of us going to the new house, you want to be at the farm.
  • outdoors are your all time favorite, i have to drag you in. you are a huge fan of your water table, your pedal tractor, playing with chalk, riding your bike, going to the park. We are SO excited to spend the whole summer outside!
  • you are wearing size 2T clothes, size 8 shoes, size 5 diapers
  • you have been pooped trained since the beginning of the year. you totally did it on your own and you have only had like one accident. We are so impressed with you, but you have no interest in peeing on the potty. We will take not having to clean poopy diapers tho!
  • love to watch tractors on our phone and we usually let that happen after you poop on the potty and now you poop on the potty on demand so that you can get to watch tractors. you are too smart for us.
  • love to watch PJ masks, cars, still enjoy baby bums, like watching Ag shows with dad
  • love every thing about water too and love playing with your water table, playing in the pool, running through the hose, anything!!
  • you love playing with and taunting Duke and making him chase things and stealing things from him and making him laugh. you’re a great big brother and love and care for Duke!
  • love going to nursery at church and act like you run the place, love going to Crystals and playing with all the boys outside there
  • you are very smart and don’t miss a beat, love apple juice, candy, icees, cinnamon toast crunch, hot dogs, and mac n cheese
  • have a very large vocabulary for your age and we can usually always tell what you are saying
  • you enjoy playing with Jack Riggen, Hazel, your big boy cousins, daycare friends, and pretty much anyone who will give attention to you
  • you’re extremely outgoing and dont know a stranger, still say hi to everyone in the grocery store
  • Still love your Sarge and bossing him around and stealing his ball and helping with his food.
  • Still sleep in a crib and in the summer going to bed around 8:30. usually up around 6;30 or when you hear Duke. usually taking a 2-3 hour nap but can go without one and survive.

You are so much fun and we could not love you more Wyatt Wayne

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