Kyle’s Woodworking Projects

I think Kyle’s going to have a lot of woodworking projects in 2019 being as he’s building us a house 🙂 He finally bought himself two saws and some other tools so he was prepared to build the house. But here it was he was up to:

Desk: I am working from home one day a week and needed a desk to hold my screens and laptop so Kyle whipped this up. it does NOT fit in our house right now but will be great for the new house when I have my own office!


Table: Kyle made his nieces a table because the needed something to hold all their horses. Totally an easy thing to whip together, the part that takes the longest is the 3 coast of poly and two coats of paint.

Tv Stand: Oh this labor of love, we started this when I was pregnant with Wyatt and that was after begging for months, it took me until Duke was like 3 months old to get the doors for it TWO years. Worth the wait, we love the doors and hiding toys behind it. the only problem is that the doors have started to bow a bit.

Farmhouse Table: Kyle is in the midst of making our farmhouse table for the new house! I am beyond excited for this! We went with 8 ft because that was really the biggest we could go with the space it is going to be in. Kyle found boards around the farm to make it and then we bought some legs off of Amazon that had amazing reviews.


2018 was just the start of Kyle’s woodworking projects, check back for 2019 when he builds us a house and fills it with lots of hand made furniture 🙂


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