Halfway Goals Review – 2019

Just like in business, it’s nice to look back at your Goals for the year and have something that holds you accountable to change, here is hopefully an honest look at how I am shaping up:

  1. Build a House – We have started!!! It hasn’t been easy, we’ve had lots and lots of rain setting things back, but we are SO blessed to be this far and it has been so fun with a side of stress and hard work 😉
  2. Closer to the Lord – Wow I had no idea how much I would in the first 6 months of the year. I have had to cling to him through strong anxiety and headaches and life just not going my way. I am thankful for all those hardships because while my relationship is far from perfect and I have whined and not understood, I have got so much peace and strength that I hope continues to get deeper and deeper.
  3. Eat Healthier – This hasn’t been where i want it to be thats for sure. we are in a hard stage of life with buidling this house and eating on the go alot, but still going to push towards better eating. Just trying to make sure that i eat even if it isnt healthy i need to eat and not skip meals.
  4. Less Phone – I feel like I have good days and hard days. when I am really anxious I notice I am on it more just to like check out but also I am on it less with building the house and being busy out there which is good! hopefully less and less as the year goes on and we don’t have good service out there so that’s a bonus 🙂
  5. Organized/Prepared: I feel like this hasn’t changed much and is a week to week thing. some weeks I am SO on the ball and feel like the week goes smooth and then other weeks are day by day craziness. Working on organizing the house more to slowly get ready to move and that hasn’t gone great the first half of the year either
  6. More Reading/Hobbies/Projects – zero and I mean zero reading has got done the last 6 months. gardening hasn’t been as fun this year with SO much rain and it not being easy to do with two small boys and poison ivy out there. Projects have been all house related and have been proud of myself and getting some picture projects done. I need to remind myself over and over that this is not the year that you do it all. and its okay to move projects off.
  7.  Run 5k/active – this has definitely got put to the wayside also just with how busy Kyle is and unable to watch the boys and us being out at the house all the time. I’ve been getting some nice walks in with Heather but that is it.

I’m still looking back at the first half of the year and definitely seeing changes in myself, maybe not huge ones but they are there and I am beyond thankful! Here’s to day by day with a lot of grace from God getting better as a person and living this life to the fullest.


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