November 2019 Goals

I am reading the book Big Dreams, Daily Goals and I feel like it has really pushed me to take all of my millions of dreams and make sure they get DONE. And one easy way is writing them down and getting them out there for the world to know.

  •  2019 Yearbook work – I am at Easter right now and want to get to Fall for the book by the end of November. this takes a lot of time and I want to keep on top of it and not get overwhelmed when I get too far behind
  • Keep my blog up to date – I am usually pretty good at this but since I had to officially start paying for my blog, I want to use it to hold more stuff than when it was free.
  • Finish 2 started books- I finished Capital Gaines (another great book about pursuing dreams) on Nov 2 but i want to finish two of the other books I have started including Big Dreams, Daily Goals
  • Finish table – this was started in March and my goal is to get the final paint on and then seal the legs and top
  • Illustrator projects – I have illustrator until Dec 1 and have lots of projects i want to get finished because I won’t renew the program.
  • All gifts figured out by Nov 30 and most purchased

Not a ton of things, but that’s the way a 7 needs things. I could put 40 things on this list but it is best if I keep it small and don’t have too many things  to choose from and get crap done. Bring on busy holiday season!

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