2019 Books

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This wasn’t the year of books, but I gave it my best try! It helped that I got Kindle Unlimited and got books for free for 3 months. I was also just is a rut for books and wasn’t really feeling the self help books, didn’t know which way to go for fiction books, and just didn’t have the focus discipline I needed to read and not be productive on my phone. But by the end of the year I am really proud how many I read/listened to during a busy crazy year

HOMEBODY – JoAnna Gaines – the absolute perfect book to read when you are building a house so helpful and love the part in the back where you can plan out rooms. Plan to go back through it again as we are getting ready to design. JoAnna can do no wrong she is just the best!!

Cozy Minimalist – Myquillyn Smith: perfect timing when I am trying to plan out decoration for this new house and really made me hold my horses on everything and start with the clean slate and try not to over fill it. And I felt like this was SO handy too on how to pick my decoration for the new house and start out with the rugs and the drapes/blinds and go from there. Made buying things for the new house so much easier.

I Get to Love You Charity Christy  Man was is good to just read a good love story, I get in this mindset that I HAVE to read books that are self-help, going to help with my house, with my parentings, my faith, etc. and sometimes it is amazing to just read a good ole love story. Love this one about young love coming back together again

To Believe in You – Charity Christy  So so good, destroyed this book in no time. Nothing better than a bull rider who can’t be tied down, falling for a girl and changing his ways. Swooning over Colt the whole book!

Marrying a cowboy: Anne Marie Meyer I again loved me a good ole romance especially involving a farm! This one they just kept trying to say no to each other which bugged me but obviously the end up together in the end and I love a good ole love story so it was fine but my least favorite of my three fiction books

Church of Small ThingsMelanie Shankle : Man I flew through this book listening to it. Melanie is so hilarious and just a genius writer. I laughed so many times and I just like how she shows that the little parts of life are the best. wouldn’t call this a full on religious book but I love her view and plan to read all her books.

Self Forgetfulness Tim Keller –  This was short and pack full of knowledge so I should probably listen to it again to make sure i got everything but it was eye opening to ***

Flower Cut Farms – Erin Benzakein This book was AMAZING. going to be a resource for years! I am starting to LOVE flowers and bouquets especially the fresh cut flowers and wanted to learn morn about growing them . These flowers are gorgeous and what she talks about doing in each season was so interesting.

Capital Gaines – Chip Gaines So interesting to see how Chip started out and how his business started out. Man is he a dreamer and a doer and for me it was so motivating to go for my dreams and work hard and not care what any one else thinks. But he did all that while showing the importance of faith and family and that is what I think is so different than some people writing the books out there that don’t have faith or a family and just put 100% of their life into their dreams which isn’t applicable for me.

I Know How She Does It – Lauren Vanderkamp . Great book, tons of information and great to see how different people do the working mom gig. It was sometimes hard to put into words all that moms have on their plates, but it was interesting and crazy what moms will do to have it all. I felt it a tad hard to use in my life because these women were making over 100k and able to be flexible and making large amount of money and that just isn’t practical for me and my situation. I lost steam on this one halfway through

Green Sparkly Earrings – Melanie Shankle – I’m obsessed with all things Melanie Shankle and destroyed this book on the drive to work and other places. she is such a hoot and has me laughing out loud. Its just all the random parts of motherhood and SO good and so funny. Loved it!

The Antelope in the Living Room – Melanie Shankle As great as the other books of hers, shes absolutely hysterical , incredible way with words, her sarcasm is too much, and this book it just so much truth to marriage and how hilarious and hard it is

Nobody’s Cuter than You – Melanie Shankle – the last book in the trilogy ( if you can call it that if its not fiction!) about friendship. Such a good book again and awesome to understand the back story of Gulley and who she is to Melanie as she appeared a lot in the other two books. lots of laughs as usual and I feel like I really know Melanie as a person after these books! And I destroyed all three audio listening in 16 days. ( mind blown)

Big Dreams, Daily Joy – Elise Crepe – I have followed her for a bit and she was just SO interesting to me and how she was getting so many crafts done. And then when I saw she was writing a book about getting things done and trying new things I knew she would know what she was talking about. And man this book was good. It was about goal setting and not having to put pressure on yourself at all but just to have it on paper and something to work for. For my personality and lifestyle this book was perfect and I’ve implemented the goals and notice me getting more creative things done.



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