Fall 2019

As always there is always so many fun things to do in the fall we get to look forward to every year! Here’s a quick recap:

Uncle Bill’s Farm: We spent a morning at the Pumpkin Patch with Amy and Davis Fynaardt and Wyatt was go go go from the second we got there. There was so much to do and see and the highlight was definitely the jumping pillow and the lawnmower rides. We went through the pumpkin patch, played in the corn, saw goats and chickens, and ate yummy apple cider donuts and got cute little white pumpkins. It was the perfect way to spend a morning out of the house while dad was sleeping.

Apple Schmear: One Sunday we went over for lunch at Grandma Carol’s and she had a few apples that she said we could use with a racket and the kids loved smashing apples!

Uncle Levi’s Wedding: Kyle was a groomsman and Wyatt was the ring bearer and we had a great little mini vacation to Fort Dodge for his wedding. We left Duke behind and it was nice to have some one on one time with Wyatt. We got to go swimming in the pool at the hotel, have Uncle Brett stay with us, and Wyatt did pretty good at the ring bearer. Sometimes we wasn’t feeling pictures but then all of a sudden gave some great one. We had a fun night with friends and celebrating and Wyatt ran until he dropped on the floor from exhaustion and slept through the end of the dance.

Daycare Halloween Party: Crystal said daycare would be having a Halloween party so I quick whipped up Fred & Barney Flinestone costumes for the boys. They had fun painting pumpkins, doing crafts, and getting lots of treats. They also helped hand out candy at Carol’s

Pumpkin Carving: Kyle came home decently early one night and we finally got around to carving our pumpkin we do every year. Wyatt was insistent that he wanted an excavator and Kyle dominated it and it looked SO good! Wyatt was all about it this year and helped Kyle clean it out and was so excited to take pictures with it and even took some pictures for mom and dad.

Fire at the Nieuwsma’s: Friday was a gorgeous day and me and Katie were walking the bottom and we wanted to get together with friends so we convinced Anna and Brett to let us all come over. It was cold, but the boys played and played and it was so good to see friends! Wyatt and Jack spent the whole night together as usual.

Iowa Hawkeyes Game: Always such a fun Saturday every year and this year we stayed overnight at Matt and Heather’s so we could get up early to get to tailgating. We left around 5:15 and stopped at Casey’s and McDonald’s and got to Tailgating as the sun was coming up. We had such a great time tailgating with Joel and Sarah, Katie and Tayler and Katie’s cousin and her fiancé. We also stopped by Kyle’s coworker Kovac’s tailgate and it was the craziest thing ever, but when we got to the game, out of the 70k tickets, I somehow bought the tickets right next to Joel’s. it couldn’t have been more perfect. Hawks game wasn’t too thrilling but we had a great time and then walked back and waited for traffic to calm down and then headed to Williamburg bar and got some food. Such a great Saturday and group!

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