Building Our Forever House – November 2019 – Part 10

Not gunna lie, I’m starting to get anxious, every inch seems like we have to run a mile and I just am wanting to get into this house soon. the closer it gets to done the more I want in there. trying to be patient , but building a house yourself takes time and I am ready to start out life there.

November 1: I painted the table legs black, Kyle finished up electrical fixes and did other odds and ends, built the attack entry, took Duke to menards for stuff

November 2: More random electrical fixes and so many odds and ends I can’t keep track.

November 4: Kyle got the lot all cleaned up of debri so that Marty could do the final grade work, Marty started dirt work by garage so we can get rock to put down. Cabinet guy called and he is delivering those on Thursday!!! Today was a great day that just felt like we got a lot of balls rolling and I can’t wait!

November 6: Marty Finished the grade work at the house and got rid of the hug hills. It looks amazing!

November 7: Joseph Bontrager delivered our cabinets and they were absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I wanted!!


November 9: cleaned and organized garage, driveway and house with boys, painted 2nd coat on table and enjoyed the last gorgeous day of the year with my boys!

November 13: The electrical has passed.. FINALLY. Kyle is going into work tonight and tomorrow and taking off next Monday and Tuesday instead and is going to hopefully knock out the insulation so we can get drywall going!

November 18: Kyle put my pot filler in and started hanging the netting for insulation

November 19: Russ hung more netting upstairs and most of the basement and Kyle did attic & ceiling batt insulation.

November 20: Mid American came to hook up electrical to the panel, Kyle went and did a huge Menards hall & then continued working on insulation. Put it in ceilings.

November 21: Kyle and Rusty got things ready for insulation, installed all the exterior doors, Kyle started hooking up electrical switches and outlets, I put in all the lightbulbs and hung batt insulation in interior walls.

November 22: Kyle and Brian continued working on blow in insulation and finished the second floor and main floor. Rusty installed the shower upstairs.

November 25: Kyle Finished up the insulation downstairs and in the garage.

November 26: Kyle put gravel on the driveway

November 29: Just went to Menards to get some black Friday deals for the house including a new gun safe for Kyle

November 30: Cody, Mo, Natalie, Mitch, Elijah and Josiah Vos came over and helped us clean the whole place after the big mess of insulation, helped us finish the ceiling insulation, and helped Kyle put the plastic up that goes between the insulation and drywall.

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