December Goals 2019

Recap on November Goals First:

  • 2019 Yearbook work – Made it to end of June BUT I started AND finished our 2015 Yearbook and I’m calling that a major win.
  • Blog Up to Date: been doing great at this, just need some pictures added to old blog posts
  • Finish 2 started book: I finished Big Dreams Daily Goals and highly recommend that is what got me doing these monthly goal posts, and got farther in I Know How She Does It but that one has lost my interest
  • Finish Table – I got the second coat of paint on, planning to seal on my day off in December
  • Illustrator Projects – didn’t get near as many projects done as I want to but got the main ones done of Wyatt’s birthday shirt, Watt’s invite, and our podcast logo made, and some blog content
  • All gifts figured out and most purchased – happy to say i succeeded on this and man the i love having that stress not in December.

December Goals:

  • Holiday Traditions: Not to have the pressure but to fun holiday activities: Cookie Making, Crafts, Nativity, Christmas Parade, Christmas Tour of Homes
  • Yearbooks: keep trudging away on these because it is a great winter project:
  • My Health: I have been dealing with headaches pretty much all year and not putting the focus on my health and I ant to implement habits this month that are little like more water, better food plans, eating more, taking care of skin.
  •  Start Packing: want to go through rooms upstairs and pack things that arent going to be needed in the next two months.


Trying to take it easy on myself this month as it will be a crazy one and my anxiety is already elevated I can tell. Bring on the last month of 2019!

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