Wyatt – 3 Years Old

I can’t believe how fast the terrible twos flew by! Like I can’t believe that Wyatt is already three years old. It truly wasn’t the terrible twos at all and Wyatt is such a great little boy we are so blessed. He never doesn’t have a smile on his face. Everyone tells us it. all the time. He looks just like his daddy and we hear that all the time too, especially since they just got the same haircut.

He has a huge vocabulary, very easy to understand. people always surprised by his vocabulary. He never stops talking and can easily have conversations. Loves to sing ABC Jesus Loves me, recognizes baby shark and old town road from hearing 3 beats. Loves to watch tractors on youtube, and gets to have tablet once a day after cleaning up all his toys and getting ready for bed. Loves doing crafts and having mommy play with him, great at hugs and kisses!

Usually to busy to eat but does like food and kind of a grazer like mom, loves snacks and will ask a lot about food when he is bored. Drinks well out of a cup and doesn’t spill too often. Loves candy, loves ice cream, loves mama’s homemade grape juice and applesauce, loves Mc Donalds chicken nuggets, loved whatever mom and dad are eating, loves cheese in all shapes, loves cinnamon toast crunch. Wyatt was fully potty trained by 2.5 and poop trained himself at 2. we don’t know how we got so dang lucky with that but we won’t get our hopes up for it to happen with all children. He’s a short little guy and pretty dang skinny, can’t keep his 2T pants up if they are not skinny, wears 3T shirts, and size 8 shoes. Still a big head.

Doesn’t miss a beat, excellent memory, remembers directions to his favorite places and lets us know if we are not going the right way. Starting to learn shapes, knows colors well, and learning letters, and great at counting and doing numbers on his fingers. He likes to color in church, finally sits pretty good in church.

Loves riding his bikes, playing outside at the new house. He plays so well independently and can usually keep himself busy with anything. Loves all the Collins especially Uncle Matt and Heather. Loves uncle Mitch and how much he plays with him.Best friend is Jack, whenever they are together they play the whole time and never leave each others sides and we just cant believe it. Loves Carter T at daycare, plays really will with his baby Brother .

Calls Duke My Baby Duke, Sarge: My Puppy and Kyle My Daddy. loves kitty wrenches at the farm. Loves puppies and definitely an animal lover. Always has so much expression and so much excitement for even the littlest things. Always a hype man! Loves reading his bible and loves looking at books. obsessed with flashlights, strings to tie to things, loves tape measures and has broke a million this summer. Loved the pool all summer and did really well if he could walk wasn’t so sure if he couldn’t feel the bottom. He loves riding the golf cart and helping mom in the garden.

Still an incredible sleeper and takes a 3 hour nap, sleeps 8:30ish until 7:00ish. Wyatt truly is such a great kid, his only weaknesses are crying when he doesn’t get what he wants or Duke has it, not getting to watch tractors, not going to get with daddy, and that’s about it. Happy Birthday our sweet sweet Wyatt! We love you so much and are proud of the little boy you are becoming!

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