Best of 2019

Previous Year:

Best of 2018


Movies/TV Shows:

  •  Instant Family – SUCH a good movie
  • Highwaymen: we don’t watch very many movies so if we do i feel like it has to make the list, but this was about Bonnie and Clyde and very interesting.
  • Longmire – our series we are slowly but surely making it through, love it about law enforcement and out in Wyoming.
  • After – watched on netflix and love a good teenager love story. bought the book for my sister for Christmas and hope to borrow it

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Best Date Night:  Working on our house together

Trend: Mules, big earrings

Beauty: Billie Razor, No More Baggage ( I got this one in a fit fab fun box and don’t know if I would ever pay full price for it, but WOW the product is amazing!)

Little Luxury: Antique Candle Co Country Pear & Warm Caramel Crumble

Food: Shrimp Pasta & White Chocolate Raspberry Scone

Life Hack: WALMART PICKUP – totally changed my life.



Favorite Memory for Each Boy:

  • Wyatt – his absolute joy for life & Learning his shapes, colors, singing Jesus Loves Me & ABC’s
  • Duke – Learning to walk, learning tons of words, his pouty face, nose breathing


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