2020 Goals and Word

Looking back on 2019 Goals it’s so interesting what I accomplished and what I still have a lot of work to do. Also my word for 2019 was TRUST and WOW did God make me that a word I clinged to all year. It wasn’t an easy year in a lot of aspects of life and I didn’t always do a good job trusting why things were happening. I also felt like I took the negative view a lot of the year which just isn’t like me. So this year my word is going to be JOY. Finding joy in the little things of the ordinary every day, choosing joy over sadness/hurt. Being so joyful for the beautiful life I have been given and get back to my optimistic joyful personality. I read a great book by Elise Joy Cripe about setting goals and how it helps us as a person and not to make a big deal about it but to do it and to stick to them and see how much you get done and that is totally my personality, wanting to get things done and not just talking about doing them. Here are so big and small goals for this year:

  • Finish the House– work hard on getting projects finished up and making it complete and not just leave things undone.
  • Writing the Word – I did pretty good this past year at getting in the word, I went through long streaks and then had times I fell away a little but this year I want to get back to reading the word, writing out what I learn about God, and also writing out pray requests and journaling the small and large things God has done for me.
  • Less social media – I really need to cut down time spent on them period. And I need to totally cut out ones that make me upset and annoyed. Take the apps off my phone and work on content rather than browsing everyone else.
  •  Less waste – less food waste, less garden produce waste, less beauty products waste, less stuff in the trash! after a year of SO much trash with moving and building a house, I am ready to not have as much STUFF and using what I already have instead of buying more.
  • More projects finished – With all the ideas I have in my brain I could be busy morning to night with just my projects alone. I want to get them done and out of my head and be able to move on. Scrapbooks, knitting, photobooks, house projects, you name it….lets do it this year!
  • 20 books Read/Listened to – Books truly are a great thing and I want to keep diving in to them. It is so nice to listen to them or read them and stay off of screens and I find it relaxing. I am going to set a pretty high goal (for me) and hope the pressure fuels me to get reading.
  • Giving to Others –  This year is probably one of our last in awhile where we will have two full time incomes and I want to make the most of it and be very giving to others in our community. Whether it is dropping off food randomly to friends and family, giving away all extra produce from the garden, giving more money than usual to all of our charities we like to support, giving of our time at church, for friends needing help with a project, or helping at Mission Mahaska or at the grade school, I want this to be the year I say yes to giving to others.
  • 12 dates this year – I have seen other couples do this and this is the year to DO IT. We have duel income still, no new baby this year, after a hard year of lots of work and things on our plate in 2019 We are spending the money and getting out this year!
  • 100 Workouts – it can be a Beachbody, yoga, a long walk, a run, playing a sport, lifting SOMETHING. and use the 2020 goal tracker to keep me accountable
  • Fun activities for my boys – I feel like I have filled my schedule a lot with this list, BUT I want to be more intentional with my time with the boys! Lots of crafts, playing outside, playing sports, activities, playdates, reading books, singing songs. I just love these boys and they are growing up too stinking fast

Big big goals for this year, not saying I will do them all perfectly or even near, but I am all for setting myself up for things to strive for to make this one life full and lived to the fullest, bring on 2020!

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