2020 Garden – Planting

I love looking back on things and seeing when I did them the year before so here goes the 2020 breakdown:

4.7.20 Got the tiller from Kristin and hoped to till the garden but it was still too rough so Kyle is going to disc it and get the manure spread before tilling.

4.8.20  He ended up discing it and then taking the tiller over it two times.

4.10.20 We spread the manure and compost on the garden and then Kyle tilled that in before it was going to rain and get cold.

4.18.20 PLANTING DAY!!! looks like warm weather is here to stay and today and after a lot of work getting the whole garden planned out and set up, we got a pack of peas, pack of beans, pack of lettuce that got wet. the next day we also planted potato hills and onions

4.21.20 I planted asparagus and Rhubarb

4.22.20 Got the carrots and the spinach in along with another pack of beans. Planted broccoli too

5.2.20 –  Finished up last row of green beans, put in 3 pepper plants, put in first sweet peas, put in all my strawberry plants

5.3.20 – planted 2nd round of sweet peas, second round of anenomes, and cress

5.7.20 – Planted the rest of snap peas, planted more strawberry plants, planted raspberry bushes, more pod peas, lettuce, planted grape vines, planted a few more pepper plants


5.8.20 – Planted blueberry bush, had a freeze on Friday night and lost some beans that were up, a pepper plant, and a tomato plant.


5.12.20 – Replanted any beans that got frost and were dying, planted the rest of the peppers and planted the rest of the tomatoes. Replanted cauliflower that wasn’t looking good


5.15.20 – Kyle helped me get the corn area planted and we planted the watermelon, pumpkins, and squash

5.16.20 Got the vegetable garden officially finished up after I found my seeds for the vine garden and got the cucumbers, zucchini, green pumpkins, and mini pumpkins planted. Also planted another blueberry bush


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