Building Our Forever Home – Part 16 – May 2020

May 6-7: worked on soffit/fascia on the roof peaks

May 11: Finished the soffit/fascia, put metal trim on the side of the deck, got all the siding

May 12: Kyle got all the siding moved off with the skidloader and ready to go, went to Menards to get caulk finished up the metal trim under the deck. Ready to start siding Friday!

May 16: Siding go time, Kyle got trim pieces up and then me and him started putting the siding on. made it through all the hard stuff that needed to be cut out and should start going a lot faster.

May 20: Kyle had some vehicles to fix but he did get a little bit higher on the siding on the east of the house

May 21: Got the siding on the front of the porch and I also got some more of the trim painted around the house

May 26: Got the siding on the side of the garage by the porch

May 30: Siding on the front of the garage and we painted where the air conditioner is going


Man things are just moving slower and these updates are near as exciting. but it is just so great to be in the house, even with a million things to do. hopefully we can get rid of all this rain and then we will really start getting some projects done.

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