Flower Growing – 2020 – Planting

Here goes nothing!!! I decided to try lots of seeds for cut flowers from seed in 2020….as if we don’t have enough going on already….OH WELL!!! This is something that I want to try and bless people with beautiful bouquets if I can get the flowers to grow. I read Cut Flower Farms from Floret farms and I am hooked. I bought a lot of her seeds in January and I am ready to see what I can grow. this involves a lot of starting them inside which will be interesting…. but I am going to give it a try! This is the year I try new things and don’t just think about doing them. Some flowers I am excited to see is Dahlia’s, Ranunculus, Sweet Peas, and Snapdragons.

Did a lot of research on each one and started by setting up a little seed starting station in my basement at the new house. Bought some lights and domes and got a heating mat. Got potting soil and vermiculite. Definitely cost a lot up front but I will be able to reuse it every year so it was worth it.

Planting Schedule

Started officially planting on the 28th with the Sweet Peas, some Iceland Poppies, and Snapdragons. they took close to a week to germinate but they are growing great!

Planted my other package of sweet peas on 3.2.20 And they truly seemed quicker. It is hard to get the lights on for 16 off for 8 not living there but we are making it work.

I planted 3 packages of snapdragons and broccoli on 3.7.20 and I couldn’t not believe how much faster Broccoli germination was than flowers. like it was already growing like crazy two days later

Planted better boy tomatoes and some celosia

Planted two more varieties of Sweet Peas on 3.21.20 and tried to get my set up downstairs more cleaned up and making sure my flowers were getting enough light. Also clipped off the top of the first sweet peas to help it grow thicker. Planted another two varieties on 3.22.20

On 4.5.20 I planted some Roma tomatoes and Iceland poppies

On 4.7.20 I planted two different varieties of China Aster flowers

On 4.8.20 I put the peony bushes in around the electrical box

4-14.20 I filled two flats with impatiens, watermelon, china asters, amaranth, celosia, stock, soapwort & cauliflower

4.18.20 Planted anemones and gladiolus into the garden


5.2.20 Planted sweet pea flowers

5.3.20  Planted 2nd round of anemones, second round of sweet peas and cress

5.7.20 Planted the last sweet peas, planted zinnia seeds

Had a freeze on Friday night, the ranunculus didn’t look amazing but i think will come out of it, anemones and gladiolus unaffected, I tried to cover a lot of sweet peas and some look okay and others not so much…..

5.12.20 Planted the first type of dahlias, got planters all planted for the front porch

Planted more dahlias now just a few more to plant when this big rain system stops.

I got way off on getting flowers planted with being busy with the house, not feeling well, and lots and lots of rain.

5.29.20 Finally planted the different sunflowers and the cosmos and called it good for the year. i lost a lot of my little seedlings i had started to wind, and just the exhaustion of pregnancy i just couldnt take on more right now and had to accept that. There will always be next year.


Ready to watch these flowers grow and learn a lot during it!




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