Halfway Goals 2020

It is important to not just make goals but also check in on them and see if you are actually doing what you wanted, and if not start working on the goals now. Here is my check in thoughts on my goals for 2020:

  • Finish the House– We are in the house and we are getting a lot of things finished up and still rolling while also having a life. I am proud of our accomplishments so far!
  • Writing the Word – Haven’t been doing this and need to change my Bible Study habits if I want to do this. I have very consistently been in my She Reads Truth App and going through every one of their plans but need to make actually writing the word a priority.
  • Less social media – Have not been doing near as good at this as I wish. Been pretty dang exhausted lately so I just haven’t got tons of energy to get my butt off my phone and get things done.
  •  Less waste – I feel like we aren’t doing too bad here! At the new house we have a compost pile so I put anything I can in there, we have been burning all paper/cardboard so that isn’t going in the trash, and while our food use isn’t perfect… hasn’t been horrible. still striving for better but pleased so far on this.
  • More projects finished – Not near as far as I want to be on this and quite disappointed in it. This first trimester has hit me HARD and I just truly haven’t been my go go self and even had the desire to do all my projects. Hopefully I can get the fire lit again soon.
  • 20 books Read/Listened to – I believe I am on 16 out of 20 which obviously sounds really good. the last month I haven’t picked up a book until last night so hopefully I can get back to reading but it is just more of a Winter/cold thing for me. I should meet this goal and will do a bigger goal next year!
  • Giving to Others –  I feel like the Lord has actually given me so many opportunities this year to give to others in the way I wanted, such as a bread loaf, an amish starter, meals to new moms, meals for Crystal Heights, and some other ways. Hopefully more situations come this year but I have jumped on board with this one!
  • 12 dates this year – Definitely haven’t been able to do the dates I had planned out at all with Covid and the house, however we have gone on a trip to Des Moines alone, we went out for our anniversary, we did a double date golfing with the Riggen’s twice and I am calling that a win and hopefully a few more times this year we will get out.
  • 100 Workouts – I truly started the year SO strong on this one but this pregnancy and moving has made this one TANK. I truly just don’t have it as a priority right now and that is okay. there will be better seasons of life for this.
  • Fun activities for my boys – I wish I was a touch better on this with the boys and had tons of energy to come up with things, hopefully after I get out of this sickness/fatigue I will be good to be a little more fun but we have been going to the park, swimming, and playing outside a lot.

Joy is my word for the year, and I started really strong being so joyous, but I have realized in the last month I am just TIRED of being sick, tired, and not near as joyous and I’ve been complaining so working on changing my mindset to find the JOY in growing a child and taking care of the family God has given me.

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