Wyatt Birthday Party

Thursday was you birthday day at school, you got to wear a birthday ribbon sticker and you were the leader of the day and brought snacks and show and tell. Mom also helped in the classroom and got to watch you.

We had a GREAT day celebrating Wyatt all day long! When we all woke up we headed to town to eat donuts at Jaarsma bakery. We then picked up Jack Riggen and he got to come over and play for Wyatt’s Birthday. He got Wyatt a police car which was a big hit. They played downstairs, ate cookies, went for a hike to the mountains, and ate lunch before bringing Jack home.

That night we had a pizza party and Nana/Papa, Grammy/Doug, Mo Mitch Cody and Natalie came over for the party. We ate pizza, sang happy birthday and you blew out your candles, and opened all your presents. You were beyond spoiled and didn’t even know where to start you were just so excited with all the new toys. You did beyond good at letting Duke play with you and your toys. It was such a great day

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