2022 Goals

Word of the Year: less

living on less money. living with less stuff. less waste. having systems for less time on chores. less excuses.


  • 125 Nourish Move Love workouts completed
  • compost food waste
  • 5 days of devotionals a week or 250 days of being in God’s word
  • minimalist book completed from Minimal mom
  • house projects of backsplash, shelves, gutters
  • financially saving for shop

Creative – I saw something Simple Scrapper put up about planning for the new year and I thought it would be a good discipline for me. I am one that wants to DO IT ALL at the same time and isn’t very good at sticking to one project for a long period of time. But in December I only worked on Betsey’s dollhouse and birthday party and there was times i wanted to do my other stuff but I knew it wasn’t important during that time and to put it on the back burner. I think if i stick with this method I will accomplish actually finishing projects faster. She breaks it down in 2 month increments so here is my plan:

January/February – Catch up. Im working myself into this set schedule with these first two months just trying to catch up and finish a few projects. I think this will always be Jan/Feb for me. They are:

  • Finish 2021 part 1 and 2, Wyatt’s photobook, Betsey’s photobook, print Dukes, catch up on new years
  • Promptly journal caught up – putting blog info into the book, pictures caught up, Christmas/Birthday promptly journals pics made in Canva, Kyle and mine
  • USB – pics on 2021 usb, make labels and organize, 2017 one done, work on other usbs
  • photo box organized

March/April – Scrapbooks

  • finish two of Kyle’s sports scrapbooks
  • make a page for the Southern IA Fair
  • start on Carol’s grandkid scrapbook
  • baby books scrapbook extra pages

May/June – Cookbook

Finish recipes and print my cookbook

July/August – Gardening

  • my creative outlet for these two months is just to focus on the garden and getting everything canned/preserved.
  • sell gladiolus bouquets

September/October – Video

I’ve been keeping videos in albums for every year for the kids but i haven’t done anything with them. my goal is to make a video for each kid for every year so i want to really dive into this project and try to get a format figured out and then a few videos completed

November/December – blank

Im leaving this one blank so i dont feel too constricted and can use it for a new creative thing that comes up or to catch up on things i havent finished

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