Betsey Lou – 1 Year

I can’t believe we are here. It has been the longest, yet fastest year ever. I don’t remember a life without you! Hands down this was the hardest start to a baby, yet you bring me SO much joy now I can’t even contain it.

You are incredibly opinionated, relentless, ruthless, and strong. Dad tried to put a piece of steak in your mouth when you were resisting and after he got it in you looked him in the eye, took it out of your mouth and dropped it over the side of the high chair tray. You will get up the stairs if it is the last thing you do. You will get what is just out of your reach in very dangerous ways. Yet you also are our most coordinated child. You’ve only fallen down a stair or two like once, except the one time you sled down the stairs in a box and dad caught you halfway down and you were actually scared. You stand on the boys stool to brush your teeth and will do whatever it takes to keep up with them. We find ways to stop you but then you find ways around it. You walk very consistently and well by your birthday. You can get on the kitchen table already.

You put absolutely everything in your mouth. Everything. it is exhausting especially with older brothers with little toys. you love nerf gun bullets they are your all time favorite. You actually are a very good eater and will usually eat whatever we put in front of you. Not a fan of mashed potatoes or cottage cheese, love blueberries, yogurt and yell at us when you see something you want to eat. You switched to whole milk easily and it is nice to not have to pay for formula.

Sleeping has got better!! You go down at 7 sharp and i usually sneak in and give you a bottle at like 10pm ish and then you sleep until 5am ish, i through a bottle in and you wake up anywhere from 7:30-8:30. your naps seem better lately too… you are starting to love sleep like your mama and i am here for it!

You love water and the bath, you love naps with your bottle, paci, and B all snuggled in. You love your ranger and going rides on it and driving it. You love when your puppy comes close to you and you squeal and jump and stare at him. You make puppy noises, can say mama and dada and uh oh, working on tooth #9 and are a drooling machine. Loving all the girly toys that you got for christmas. Love to watch cocomelon. Happy when we are out and about at other places. scared of pretty much no one.

For your doctors appt you were 31″ and 96 percentile for height which makes you our tallest kid, 21 lbs and 50% which makes you our heaviest baby, and of course 99% for head which means you fit right in 🙂 You wear 9 months tho so you are petite and have massive feet, wear a size 3 diaper. Your smile, nose scrunch, sweet hugs and giggle wreck me and your daddy. You are truly such a gorgeous light in our life and what a joy it is to have a daughter.

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