Iowa State Fair – 2022

As usual we loved our little weekend spent at the Iowa State Fair this year! We took on staying overnight at the camper with the Collins so that made for 7 kids and 4 adults in a camper. We left as soon as mom got off work and were up there by 3pm.

The first day we went right to little hands on the farm with the kids. Went to the baby barn and got to see little pigs that were just born, and we started drinking a million lemonade refills with the heat. We went and saw a show with cousins, ate at the Rib Shack because line wasnt too long and it always seems like a great bang for your buck and good food. We went to the Ian Munsick concert which i really wanted to do because I have been loving his songs. We got all the kiddos to bed.

Me and Heather woke up early and walked a 3.3 mile walk around the fair grounds. When we got done we got back to the camper and no one was up yet. We started the morning with Jr Donuts my favorite and the line is usually too long to get any. We checked out the campers, went to the horse barn where they were doing the shooting balloon races, we went the the 4H building and did lots of working exhibits. Got to go down the giant slide, it was Duke’s year to get to go on the sky glide and he LOVED it. Walked around tons of other buildings, ate lots of corndogs, lots and lots of lemonade in our refillable cup. We put Betsey down for a nap and took the older kids to the fountains to cool off.After naps were over we packed up and headed home.

Kyle and I always try to get up there for a date night and we had a great night doing that. We ate at the rib shack one of the best new foods called the The finisher. We absolutely loved it. We tried the crab cakes… they were okay but not overly amazing. Kyle got beer at the tent, did not like the police beer which was a bummer since he really wanted to haha. Went on our annual Sky Glide ride, listened to the concert, saw a few things we had missed when the kids were with us and just enjoyed ourselves!

$3.00 Giant Slide

$5.00 Ride on the Sky Glide

$8 Foot Long Corndog (6 for normal)

$14.00 Gate Admission (9.00 early)

$9.50 Hot Beef Sundae

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