Betsey Lou – 20 Months

I never got around to writing a 18 months update as i had planned to, and i really want to remember all that Betsey Lou was at my absolute favorite age. she is so much sugar and spice and we are all beyond obsessed with her.

Her day starts with being in her crib and yelling on the monitor “Dad, Daddddd, Dad, Daddddd” over and over. Her brothers have to be the ones to open the door and greet her. She likes it slow in the mornings like her mama and has recently been waking up at 7.

Girl expects to get fed whatever her brothers are having for breakfast. She can put down 3 waffles, loves cereal, always happy with a granola bar, and is our best milk drinker by far. Girl loves to play with all things girly and can be found toting a baby doll and a bottle around. on days mom works from home she will be playing in her kitchen, playing with her dollies, getting up in the top bunk bed, or begging to read her favorite books.

She is the tallest string bean at 99% for height and so she wears almost 2 tshirts but her pants are usually 12 months and too short since she is so tall with a skinny waist. She loved having her toe nails painted like mama. We always have her hair in the cutest space buns, and that girl will run and find her shoes at any wind of possibly going outside.

She loves yelling at her Sarge, Sage and Sunny. she also gives them lots of treats. she loves playing in the cars on the back patio, jumping on the trampoline and being in the backyard cow tank pool. Loves cocomelon or whatever the boys put on for her, starting to sing ABCs, knows how to pray and a few words of the lords prayer, and has started to mention pee and poop and wanting to sit on the potty.

She loves her daddy and man her daddy is obsessed with her. loves to give him hugs and kisses when he leaves for work, her face lights up when he walks in the door, wants to be on the ranger with him and he better never leave her behind.

Takes great naps for 2+ hours. She usually eats everything of her dinner really well, wants every bit of mom or dads dessert.

Loves her milk sippy, wants her B, and calls her Paci her “Ti.” Her toddle is the best thing ever. happy to meet a stranger, has to be doing whatever she sees her brothers try whether that is baseball, soccer, etc. Loves to color with dot markers when mommy lets her. Still has a sassy side and thinks she needs the ti in the car or she screams the whole way. wants to help mommy with any tasks she is doing. sits in her stroller great and content for walks. Duke’s little sidekick on days Wyatt is at School. Loves Crystal’s and puppy Jaivy and it is adorable when she says it. Loves playing with older cousin Bryn on Nana day. loves a popscicle, having her picture taken, and playing with cousin Max.

We adore you so much gorgeous girl!!

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