30, not flirty, but thriving

Wow how is 30 here…. all i have to say is 30 does NOT feel like what i thought 30 would feel like when i was like 10…. like i do not feel old at all. I feel like i am in the best years of my life! I would not want to go back to 20, i love the stability of 30. Having the house, the job,adulting, and most of of the beautiful children. I am loving every bit of getting older and yet don’t feel like i am old at all!

My awesome SIL Heather and Kyle threw a surprise birthday part that TOTALLY surprised me not even a thought in my mind with it being nowhere near my birthday. I was SHOCKED. i didn’t feel great with dealing with pregnancy sickness but it was still a great night and i have the best people in my life.

Maddie got me some AMAZING fall flavored macarons. I get to be pregnant with our 4th growing baby which is also crazy that i will have 4 children at 30. I know 30s are going to be a whole different busy than 20s. Sure we were busy when they boys were little babies needing lots of help. but now we have little babies AND school aged kids with activities, and it is going to be wild.

On my actual birthday I got so many messages and went out to eat at my favorite restaurant with my work gals. At Wood Iron Grille I got the Crab Ragoon burger and it was my first time getting one of their burgers that has won awards and it was AMAZING. I got back to the office and had a bouquet of flowers and card from work and it was SO sweet! It had a gladiolus in it which made be so happy.

Then I got home and my husband shocked me with a perfectly clean house, 4 roses for each kid and some of my favorite candies. Kyle grilled steaks, we had crab dip, and Katie had brought over better than sex cake which we had for dessert. Anna brought me a Ballerina Farm apron which was the sweetest thoughtful gift because she knows how much I LOVE ballerina farm and being in the kitchen.

Carol also brought over Green Tomato pie which was better than it sounds and got me a pretty flowers poster for my office. It was beyond a great day! People went all out for my 30th and it filled my Enneagram 7 cup so much!

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