Wyatt Wayne – 6 Years Old

Oh Wyatt how can you be 6 already!? Every year gets better and better with you, and I am just obsessed with watching you grow and learn SO much this year!! I don’t know how i will even try to remember all the things about you but here is a shot:

You are my slow morning boy but since you share a room with Duke you usually get woke up by him. I wake you up for school most days, you fall asleep easy since you don’t take naps and are a solid sleeper. For breakfast you usually choose Cinnamon Toast over cereal at the moment but love Raisin Bran or eggs/waffles/pancakes/cinnamon rolls if we make them. You are very good in the morning about getting ready for carpool and watching out the window.

For snack at recess, you usually want a granola bar, you eat school lunch most of the time but every once in a while ask for a home lunch. Im always interested on how much he is actually eating… If at home, he loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches/mac n cheese/tuna tetrazzini eats pretty much anything i put in front of him. Definitely my least picky eater but has a few things he does NOT like right now and makes it clear: clementines. When going out to eat he loves Taco Bell tacos/ chicken nuggets/great Casey’s pizza eater….we are going to start losing money on him!

Nighttime he is my best at trying all of his supper, finally will eat baked potatoes again… still no mashed potatoes. Loves to eat salad, hard boiled eggs, all fruits except oranges. Always wanting a snack and loves ice cream with chocolate shell/hot chocolate/popcorn or whatever mom will get him.

When it comes to tv he will watch whatever his siblings want to and is so nice about that. He actually can never sit still and just watch tv and usually has to be doing something while watching like his mom. He prefers Wild Kratts, Rosie’s world, Cyberchase, GI Joe, YouTube videos, Sing 2, Paw Patrol movie, Top Gun,*** He likes to play games on tablets though he doesn’t really get to do that at home. This kid could build anything and everything with Legos he is so incredibly talented. Same with magna tiles though he is starting to favor Legos more. Absolutely loves to color ( VERY well i might add) anything mom will print off for him. must be the correct colors and usually anything army. Colors extremely well with his schoolwork. Is starting to become quite the drawerer and can draw a whole fleet of army vehicles.

He absolutely adores school and every part of it. He likes the routine, loves seeing all the kids, loves to learn, loves math, loves recess and loves to answer questions in school. He struggled a little at the beginning with the letter part of it but now is starting to catch on and flourish! He does excellent at his math homework, LOVES to bring home books from the library and go to the public library, usually all are about army/special forces etc. Did incredible in his school concert and loves to tell me all that he learned about if it includes the papers. Not sure how well he eats school lunches but trying to make sure that i give him meals to take from home if it is something he won’t like. Still never knows the names of his classmates.

He truly brings so much joy with his happy attitude. He can get sad/teary eyed easily if something doesn’t go the way he planned in his head, At school they colored pictures for the veterans, and he cried when he had to give up his picture, he had worked so hard on. He has lots and lots of energy but really enjoys being outside playing in the dirt, running it off, jumping on the trampoline, and became quite the fish this summer. He is a great helper and rarely complains, always tinkering and thinking of new things to make with whatever he can find for supplies. loves to play games, got to play tball and soccer this year and really enjoyed them both. he definitely excelled in the fast-paced soccer sport.

He is all things obsessed about anything army, special forces, aircraft carrier and we’ve learned so much just through his obsession! We know he is going to love a lot of his birthday/Christmas presents. He loves learning about God and asking lots of questions, we just love seeing the child like faith shine from him. Great help with the dogs and letting them out and feeding them, loves kitties at the shops, not scared to pick up chickens. Good at doing chores like separating clothes from the dryer, making beds, cleaning up, and

We love you so incredibly much Wyatt you are just a kind little soul and we are all so lucky to have you in our life.

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