Betsey Lou – Two Years

How are little queen is already 2 is crazy, yet we can not remember or imagine a life without her. the joy you bring to this house can not be fully described. You make us all SO happy.

You sleep from around 8-7:30ish and definitely love your sleep! You are taking a 3 hour naps most days but every once in awhile it will be shorter. Got to sleep with your “ti (paci) and B (blanket) and wish you could bring your milk to bed. Sweetest happy girl when waking up.

You and Duke are becoming quite the playmates and best friends with Wyatt at school. He loves to help you, always wants to play Mommy/Daddy with you, you love playing with your dollhouse, playing in your kitchen, or pushing your baby around in the stroller. You love being big enough to play downstairs with the boys, love being out on the back patio being pushed around, loved the trampoline when your brothers weren’t jumping crazy, and looooved going to the public pool this summer. Totally fine with being dragged to the boys sports and love being outside running away from us 🙂 Don’t know a stranger and goes right up to anyone.

You love watching paw patrol, Bluey, Sing 2 and whatever the boys force you to watch 🙂 Been loving all the Christmas shows that have been on tv.

Eating wise you are a great eater! Love alllll fruit, most vegetables, great little meat eater and bread. Love granola bars, always wanting candy, Not a fan of cottage cheese, potatoes (why are all my kids on a potato strike!?) My best milk drinker who always wants it, loved orange juice and drinking out of mom’s water cup. Prefers a burger or chicken nuggets when out to eat, big fries fan, and loves jimmy johns sandwich. Expect to eat whatever your brothers have and yell at them to share.

Knows the last words of every phrase of the Lord’s prayer, working on counting to 10, knows the Sesame Street song, knows every paw patrol character, very good at all her identifying books but doesn’t know her colors loves playing the letter guessing game with brothers, and guesses her colors right every once in awhile. Great little helper at throwing things away, with laundry, and putting things where you ask her to.

Loves Daddy painting her nails and sits so still, loves going in the shower, loves her puppies until they trample her and loves to yell all their names. loves her ranger and you better not ever leave her out of a ride. loves being out and about running errands with mom and picking up her brothers from school, loves going to the library. Always the happiest little girl and you bring SO much joy to us! Talks up a storm and is usually very easy for us to tell what you want. says thank me instead of thank you. Rarely ever cranky though you have been teething and putting everything in your mouth. Did have influenza A for a week and we’ve never seen you so pathetic and snuggly.

You are a tall tall gal and at doctors appt was 27.2 lbs which was 57%, 35 3/4″ which was 91%, and head was still 99.8% at 20 1/4 cm. You wear size 7 shoes, 2T for length but definitely not butt, most pants fall off you. Size 5 diapers, thinking about trying potty training you because I’m sick of poopy diapers.


  • car seat switched and shes a fan 3.1.22
  • back molar 3.6.22
  • said apple clear as day 5.1.22

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