2022 Goals check in

Here is what I had written for goals and the honest review of if they happened:

Word of the Year: less – I dont know that it was really a year of less overall but in some areas FOR SURE

living on less money. living with less stuff. less waste. having systems for less time on chores. less excuses.


  • 125 Nourish Move Love workouts completed – got just over 100 and counting that a big win
  • compost food waste – did good some parts of the year, need to get a better system
  • 5 days of devotionals a week or 250 days of being in God’s word – months like december were every day, other months definitely fell off. if i’d have to guess id say 150-200
  • minimalist book completed from Minimal mom – completed and I feel like the way i look at my life is transformed and how i am alway trying to get rid of things we do not use
  • house projects of backsplash, shelves, gutters – backsplash got done, shop pad got built, other house things were done, drywall downstairs started
  • financially saving for shop – 15k put towards


January/February – Catch up. Im working myself into this set schedule with these first two months just trying to catch up and finish a few projects. I think this will always be Jan/Feb for me. They are:

  • Finish 2021 part 1 and 2, Wyatt’s photobook, Betsey’s photobook, print Dukes, catch up on new years – all of this was accomplished in the year
  • Promptly journal caught up – putting blog info into the book, pictures caught up, Christmas/Birthday promptly journals pics made in Canva, Kyle and mine – all of this done except maybe a few blog info into books, also never started on kyle or my book – that is truly a project for a way different season in life
  • USB – pics on 2021 usb, make labels and organize, 2017 one done, work on other usbs – this was taken care of besides making the kids their own USB but i did get started on that
  • photo box organized – these are up to date

March/April – Scrapbooks

  • finish two of Kyle’s sports scrapbooks – only worked on 1 and not completed
  • make a page for the Southern IA Fair – completed
  • start on Carol’s grandkid scrapbook – did not make yet
  • baby books scrapbook extra pages

May/June – Cookbook

Finish recipes and print my cookbook – did not print but keep making more recipes for the book

July/August – Gardening

  • my creative outlet for these two months is just to focus on the garden and getting everything canned/preserved.
  • sell gladiolus bouquets – horrible gladiolus year with weeds and neglect

September/October – Video

I’ve been keeping videos in albums for every year for the kids but i haven’t done anything with them. my goal is to make a video for each kid for every year so i want to really dive into this project and try to get a format figured out and then a few videos completed – have not found a way to tackle this yet

November/December – blank

Im leaving this one blank so i dont feel too constricted and can use it for a new creative thing that comes up or to catch up on things i havent finished

This year was far from perfect, i want to find ways to be more intentional with the projects and sit down and do the work. being sick with pregnancy did not help. here is to looking for ways to get better in 2023

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