2023 Goals

Word of the Year: steadfast

unwavering. accountable. consistent


  • 125 workouts completed
  • 20 books read
  • 5 days of devotionals a week or 250 days of being in God’s word
  • keep the house in better order
  • project of building the shop
  • say no to more outside things
  • snuggle and soak up this new baby and my kids at these wonderful ages
  • less phone….always!


  • keep up to date on all Shutterfly books
  • finish one of Kyle’s sports scrapbooks
  • finish recipes and print my cookbook
  • keep garden maintainable don’t over do it and just enjoy it
  • stitch baby’s name on outfit
  • finish paint by number
  • sew curtians/holes in black leggings
  • 2 better systems put in place for keeping the mess controlled

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